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Waitlist Express™

Ditch the Clipboards:

Waitlist Express Streamlines Your Restaurant Operations

Waitlist Express is an app designed to streamline waitlist management for restaurants. It replaces outdated methods like clipboards and buzzers with a modern system that allows guests to join the waitlist online or via QR code, and receive text notifications when their table is ready. This eliminates the need for crowded waiting areas and unprofessional shouting of names.


For staff, the app offers an easy-to-use interface for managing the waitlist, even during peak hours. Waitlist Express is free for 1ov1 Business Voice customers and improves customer satisfaction, boost revenue, and empower staff.

Ready to ditch the waitlist woes and create a seamless dining experience? 


1) Your customers check-in by scanning a QR code,

    or your staff can check them in. (Try here)

2) You manage the waitlist and text customers 

   using the [WaitlistEx] button on your 1ov1 phone. (Try here)

    "Your table at Little Mafioso's is ready. Please check in with our staff to be seated..." 

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System Requirements:

  • Exclusively for 1ov1 Business Phone System customers


  • Free

WaitlistEx and Waitlist Express are trademarks of 1ov1

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